CRRU Supporters


The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use is keen for those who use rodenticides responsibly, and in accordance with the CRRU code, to register their companies as CRRU Supporters.

While support for CRRU does not guarantee that responsible procedures are followed when rodenticides are used, it can indicate that a company has considered the importance of the points set out in the CRRU Code and agreed to conduct rodent management operations in accordance with the Code. These guidelines promote best practice in rodent control and help rural users get the best results from their rodent control programmes, at the same time as reducing to a minimum any potential harmful effects on wildlife.

A CRRU Supporter company is permitted to display the CRRU Think Wildlife logo with their business livery, and will also have their name listed on the CRRU Supporters’ Club webpage. A CRRU Supporter will not use that status as an endorsement for any products or specific services, but rather as an indication of their desire to be seen as a responsible user of rodenticides.


A1 Pest Service, Stirlingshire
A + A Environmental LLP, Huddersfield
A & M Hawk UK Ltd, Surrey
A.C.E Pest Control, County Durham
A-One Feed Supplements Ltd, North Yorkshire
AAA Pest Control Services, Lancashire
ABC 24/7 Pest Control, Swansea
ABComplete Pest Control, Gloucestershire
AB Pest Management, East Yorkshire
Abbotstone pest control, Hampshire
Abel solutions northern ltd, Durham
Absolute Pest Control Ltd, Kent
ABM Pest Control, Nottinghamshire
Aardvark Pest Control, Wigan
Abate Pest Management, Norfolk
Abington Pest Control, Northamptonshire
Acclaim Environmental, Northamptonshire
ACT Pest Control, West Sussex
Action for the River Kennet (ARK), Wiltshire
Ace Pest Control Scotland, Fife
Acheta Consulting Ltd, Loughborough
Action Pest Management, North Yorkshire
Acurat Services, Derby
Adam’s Pest Control, Reading
Adrian Banks, Lancashire
Advantage Environmental, Essex
Advanced Pest Control Ltd, oxon
Advanced Pest Control Specialists, Warwickshire
Afterpest Services Limited, Nottinghamshire
AG Environmental health, West Yorkshire
A.D Pink Pest Control, Kent
Air Wolf Professional Pest Control Management, Cambridgeshire
AJJ Professional Pest Prevention, North Yorkshire
Aktiv Pest and Hygiene Company Ltd, Lincs
Alan Llewellyn Lancashire, Manchester
Alan Waterhouse Mole Trapping & Pest Control, Oxon
All Aspects property Services, Berkshire
ALLBROOK Pest Control, East Leigh
Allpests, Barnstaple
All Aspects property Services, Berkshire
All Clear Pest Control, Dorset
Al Environmental Services, West Midlands
Albert Morton, West Yorkshire
Alpha Pest Control, Staffordshire
APC Environmental Services, Berkshire
APS pest control, Norfolk
APSL, Greater London
Apec Ltd, Suffolk
ApestPro, Bury St Edmunds
Apex Pest Control​, East Sussex
ARI Pest Control & Wildlife Management services, Carmarthenshire
ARK Pest Control Ltd, Kent
Ambassador Environmental Services, Kent
Amen Environmental, Newport
Andy Law Pest Control, Perth
Anglia Pest Management, Suffolk
Anti-Pest Environmental Services, Merseyside
Area Pest Control UK Ltd, Bedfordshire
Ark Environmental Services UK LLP, Greater London
Arrow Plant and Tool Hire Ltd, Herefordshire
AS Pest Control Solutions, Nottinghamshire
Ashford Pest Control, Kent
Associated Pest Control Ltd, Herts
Attrap Pest Control, Nottinghamshire
Aveland Pest Solutions, Lincolnshire
Avenge Pest Control, Oxford
Avenue pest maintenance, Northants
Avian Bird Control Services Ltd, Essex
Avian Bird Control Services LTD, Suffolk
Axial Pest Control, West Yorkshire
Avian Environmental Solutions, West Sussex
Avian Pest Solutions Ltd, Edinburgh


Babolna Bioenvironmental Centre Ltd, Hungary
Barron Pest Control, Somerset
Bayer PLC, Cambridge
Beacons Environmental Ltd, Monmouthshire
Beamish Pest Control Services, Durham
Beaver Pest Control, London
Bell Laboratories, Suffolk
Ben Finnemore, Cornwall
Best4pest Ltd, Wiltshire
Bioguard Environmental, West Sussex
Bird and Pest Solutions Ltd, Kent
BioPest Management Ltd, Surrey
Bio Pest, Kent
Blaby Pest Control, Leicestershire
Bon Accord Pest Control Ltd, Aberdeen
Border Pest Control, Cumbria
Bounty Pest Control, Kent
Bowman Services Pest Control and Bird Proofing, Kent
British Pest Control Association, Derbyshire
Bromley Pest Control, Kent
Brown & Son Pest Control, Northumberland
BTP Environmental Services Ltd, Buckinghamshire
Bucks Pest Control, Bucks
Bye Bye Pests, Hampshire


C&R Pest Management, Bedfordshire
CW Environmental Services, Devon
Calderdale Council, West Yorkshire
Capital Pest Control, Malta
Castle Pest Control Services, Norfolk
Cavalry Pest Solutions, Lancashire
Cedarpest, Sothampton
Cedar Pest Management, Staffordshire
CHBC Bird and Pest, Bury
Check Pest Control, Berkshire
Cheshire Pest Control Services, Cheshire
Cheshire Pest Solutions, Cheshire
Chilterns DMG, Middlesex
Chris Sansom Pest Control, Shropshire
CIEH National Pest Advisory Panel, London
Cityspec Specialist Pest Management Solutions Ltd, Surrey
Clearview Pest Control, Norfolk
Clearway Environmental Services Ltd, Kent
CMPC, Cornwall
CnG Falconry & Pest Solutions, Warwickshire
Command Pest Control Ltd, Suffolk
Complete Pest Management, West Midlands
Comet Pest Control Services, South Yorkshire
Comtec Service Ltd, Malta
Command Pest Control, Suffolk
Contego Environmental Services Ltd, Chilton
Control2Conserve Pest Control, Cheshire
Control Services Limited, Berkshire
Countrywide Bird and Pest Solutions Ltd, Dorset
Countrywide Environmental Services, Berkshire
Country Pest Control, Berkshire
Country Solutions Ltd, Stockport
Covkill Pest Control, Wiltshire
CreatureLess Comfort, Kent
Criag Morris Countryside Services, Hampshire
Critters be gone, Essex
Cropaid International Limited, Essex
Cross Pest Control Services Ltd, Hertfordshire
CSS Pest Services Limited, Derbyshire
Cumbria Wildlife Management, Cumbria
Cunningham Pest Control, North Lanarkshire


D S Pest Control, Essex
D. Sankey Pest Control, East Sussex
DBM Pest Management, Essex
DJB Pest Control, Staffordshire
Deadbug pest control ltd, Gateshead
Dealey + Associates, Suffolk
Derby City Council, Derbyshire
Direct Pest Control, Huddersfield
Dicko Pest Control, Norfolk
Discount Pest Control, Suffolk
Dragon Pest Control and Vermin Control, Monmouthshire
Durham County Council, Durham


Eastern Counties Pest Control, Essex
East Anglian Pest Control Limited, Suffolk
East Anglian Wildlife Management, Suffolk
East Kent Pest Control, Kent
East Riding Pest Control Limited, East Yorkshire
East Yorkshire Pest Control, Nottinghamshire
ECH Pest Solutions, Essex
Ecoguard Pest Solutions Limited, Essex
Ecolab, UK
Economical Solar Ltd, Essex
EcoShield, Lancashire
Eden Project, Cornwall
Edwards Bird Control, Norfolk
Effective Pest Management, North Yorkshire
EKO Services, Derbyshire
Eko Environmental Services & Pest Control, South Yorkshire
Elford Environmental Services, Hampshire
Eliminate Pest Control Ltd, Daventry
Eliminator Pest Control, West Glamorgan
Emwood Pest Control Services, Surrey
Enserve Corporation Ltd, North Yorkshire
Entomol Ltd, Belfast
Enviroguard Pest Control Limited, Cumbria
Environclear, Glasgow
Environmental Pest Control, West Midlands
Enviro-Pro Pest Control Ltd, Somerset
EnviroK9, lincolnshire
Envirotec Group Ltd, Wiltshire
Envirowell, Surrey
EPC Domestic Pest Control Products Ltd, Lincolnshire
EPB Control, Essex
EPC services, Hampshire
Eradica Pest Control, Kent
Eradicate, Lincoln
Eradipest Ltd, West Sussex
Errington Park Pest Control Ltd, Cleveland
Ex-Pest, Boldon Colliery
Exe Valley Pest Control, Devon
Exopest UK Pest Control Services, Derby
Express Pest Control, Norfolk


Farm@ Garden Contracts, West midlands
Farm Train, Gloucestershire
Feakins Pest Solutions, Kent
Felix NI, DOWN
Fen Tiger Pest Control, Lncolnshire
Fen Warreners Pest Control, Norfolk
Fenfarm Pest Control, Lincolnshire
Fenland Environmental Services, Cambridgeshire
Field Pest control, Cambridgeshire
Field Services Southwest Ltd, Cornwall
Fife Environmental Services, Scotland
Firebug Pest Control & Falconry Response, Suffolk
Firstguard Pest Control, Kent
Forrest Environmental Services, Nottinghamshire
Fred Walter & Sons LTD, Nottinghamshire


Gavin Sands, Yorkshire
GB Pest Control, Cambridgeshire
GB Pest Management Ltd, West Midlands
G & S Pest Control Ltd, Essex
GDH Pest Services, Cumbria
GH Pest Control, Surrey
G.M.S Pest Control, Bucks
General Control, Greece
G P Pest Management Ltd, West Midlands
G.P. Engineering, Yorkshire
GPCS pest control, Leicestershire
Gordon Webster, Tyne & Wear
Graham Pest Control, Perthshire
Greener Ways Services Ltd, Vale of Glamorgan
Greenlab Pest Control, West Midlands
Greenleaf Pest Control Services, Essex
Greystones Pest Control, Wiltshire
Guardian Pest Management, Cheshire
Guardian Pest Control, Somersert
Guest & Sons Ltd, Kent


Harrier Pest Prevention, Lancashire
Harry Jackson Pest Control, Worthing
Hawkflyer bird & pest control, Northamptonshire
Henden Pest Services, Kent
Heritage Pests, Essex
HES Pest Control Ltd, Derbyshire
Hinton Pest Control Limited, Worcestershire
Holy Moley Mole Control, North Yorkshire
Howlett Pest Control, Surrey
HPC Pest Control Ltd, Derbyshire
Hullternative Pest Control ltd, West Midlands


i4 Pest Control, Hampshire
Ian Gall Pest Control, Rugby
Inoculand Limited, London
Insect Rodentkill, Yorkshire
Integrated Pest Management, Middlesex
Interpest Ltd, Hunwick
Irshad Pest Control, Abu Dhabi
Isca Pest Control, Devon


J&J Pest Prevention, East Sussex
JCB Environmental Services, Middlesex
JID Group Services, Kent
JG Environmental, Buckinghamshire
Jillian Sands, Yorkshire
J.C. Pest Control, Norfolk
John Crouch Wildlife, Norfolk
John Dowling Falconry Ltd, Gloucestershire
John Fiddes Ltd, Northumberland
John O’Connor (GM) Ltd, Hertfordshire


Kapow Pest Control, Somerset
Kemkill Environmental, Nottingham
Kenilworth Pest Control Ltd, Warwickshire
Kent wildlife pest control, Kent
Kentish Environmental Services, Kent
Kerry Pest Control, Norfolk
Key West Pest Control, North Yorkshire
Killtech Pest Control, Wiltshire
Killsect Ridentkill – North Yorkshire
Kill Bill Pest Control, Dorset
Kingston Farm Supplies, Herefordshire
KPN wasp control, Surrey
Knaresborough Pest Control, Knaresborough


Lancaster City Council Pest Control Services, Lancs
Leeds City Council, Leeds
Leeds City Council – Pest Control, West Yorkshire
Lester Bird and Pest Solutions Ltd, Dorset
Letchworth Pest Control, Hertfordshire
Lifetec Ltd – Pestman, Surrey
Lincspest Ltd, Lincolnshire
LBS Pest & Wildlife Solutions, Nottinghamshire
LK Pestaway, Buckinghamshire
Low Cost Pest Control, Leicestershire


MM’s Pest Management, Essex
Mac Pest Control Services, Birmingham
Malum Ltd, Southampton
Manor Environmental Services, Nottinghamshire
Mantis Pest Solutions Ltd, Lanarkshire
Manx Environmental Services, Isle of Man
Mark Brown, Derry
Mark the mole man, York
Martin Dore, Oxfordshire
Medway Council, Kent
Menco Environmental Services, Midlothian
Merlin Environmental Solutions Ltd, Surrey
Midland Agricultural Supplies, Nottinghamshire
Mids Pest Control Ltd, Hertfordshire
Middlesbrough Council, Teeside
Mike Vickers Pest and Woodworm Control, Oxon
Milgi Mole & Pest Control, Pembrokshire
Mitch Wilson Pest Control, Fife
Mitie Pest Control Ltd, Gloucestershire
Monitor Pest Control Ltd, Kent
Moor Service Pest Control, North Yorkshire
Moorside Farm Supplies, North Yorkshire
MP Pest Control West Wales, Ceredigion
MPC Pest Control, Surrey
M.R Pest Control, Surrey


National Pest Technicians Association, UK
Nature in Balance, Surrey
N E Pest Control, Kent
Newton Pest Control, Suffolk
NBC Bird and Pest Solutions, Norfolk
Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control, Norfolk
Northumberland County Council, Northumberland
Northumbria Pest Control, Hexham
Norwich Rat Control, Norfolk
No-Nonsense Pest Control, Dorset
NRS Pest Control, North Yorkshire
NRC Pest Control & Wildlife Management, Somerset


Old Bills Pest Control, Amersham
On Target Environmental Pest Control, North Lincolnshire
Orbis Protect Limited, Uxbridge
Orkney Pest Control Services, Orkney


P & P PEST CONTROL LTD, Monmouthshire
PJQ Services, Darcy Spillcare, North Wales
Paul Sharp, Berkshire
Pegasus Ten Pest Control, Buckinghamshire
Pestforce Peterborough, Lincolnshire
Pest-A-Lance, London
Pest-Off, East Sussex
Pest Doctor, Shropshire
PCS Environmental, Nottinghamshire
P.E.S.T, Wiltshire
Pesky Critters, Berkshire
Pest Company, East Sussex
Pest Control Bucks, Buckinghamshire
Pest Control Local, Essex
Pest Control MK, Milton Keynes
Pest Control Powys, Powys
Pest Control Services, Shropshire
Pest Control Services Ltd, Warwickshire
Pest Control Services, Woolaston
Pest Control Supplies Ltd, Warwickshire
Pest Control Team Midlands, Shropshire
Pest Control and Wildlife Management Services, Cheshire
Pest Detective, Suffolk
Pest Guard North West Ltd, Manchester
Pest ID, Essex
Pest in Peace, Cheshire
Pest Logic, Dorset
Pest Management BG Ltd, Bulgaria
PEST MORTEM, Hertfordshire
Pest NI, Northern Ireland
Pest Relief, Worcester
Pest Rescue Lindon, Middlesex
Pest Right, Hertfordshire
Pest Solution, Suffolk
Pest Stop LTD, Nottinghamshire
Pest Team, Worcestershire
Pest Tech Environmental Services, Swansea
Pestassess Ltd, Staffordshire
Pestcall, East Sussex
Pestek, Monmouthshire
Pestend, Berkshire
Pestfix, Littlehampton
Pestforce Cheshire, cheshire
Pestforce Cornwall, Cornwall
Pestforce East London, Essex
Pestforce RH, Surrey
Pestforce Watford, Hertfordshire
Pestforce South Yorkshire, South Yorkshire
Pestforce Swindon and Newbury , Wiltshire
Pesttech Pest Control, Datchworth
Pestech Pest Control Solutions, Herts
Pestek Pest Control, Leeds
Pestex Services, Stafford
Pestforce Cambridge Ltd, Suffolk
Pestforce Cardiff, Caerphilly
Pestforce Halifax & Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Pestforce Herts, Royston
Pestforce Marlborough and Hungerford, Wiltshire
Pestforce (West London) Ltd, Berkshire
Pestforce West London, Middlesex
Pestforce, West Yorkshire
Pestguard, County Durham
Pestkill Ltd, Southampton
Pestline Ltd, London
Pestology Pest Management, Worcester
Pestokill Environmental (CI) Ltd, Jersey
Pestsolve Environmental Solutions, Derbyshire
Pestway services, Derbyshire
Pest-a-lance, London
Pied Piper Pest and Wildlife Management, Midlands
Pied Piper Northern, Cumbria
Piper Pest Management, Walsall
Phoenox, Pest Control, Caerphilly
PLA Pest Control, Denbighshire
Plains Services, Nottinghamshire
Positive Environmental Ltd, Hereford
Portland Pest Control, Watford
PPM Services Pest Control, Lincolnshire
Predator Pest Solutions, Surrey
Precision Pest Management Solution Ltd, UK
Premier Pest Services and Solutions Ltd, Lincolnshire
Proactive Pest Prevention, Dorset
Proactive Pest Solutions Ltd, Clwyd
Procare Environmental Services, East Midlands
Prokill, Dorset
Prokill Uk Limited, Gloucestershire
Protec Pest Control, Manchester
Pro-Pest Services, Essex
PWS Pest Control, West Yorkshire


Quick Pest Management, Sheffield


R J Hartley Environmental, Wiltshire
Rat ‘n Mole Man, Shropshire
Ratatak, Norfolk
Rapid Pest Control, Berkshire
Raidokill Ltd, Middx
Rat Pak Engineering Ltd, Lincolnshire
Red Rose Pest Control Services, Lancashire
Richmond Pest Control, Essex
Rightkill Pest Control Services, Avon
RKD Pest Control Specialists, Nottinghamshire
Rodent master pest control, Hertfordshire
Rodent Service (E.A) Ltd, Suffolk
Rodentokill, Devon
Rokill, Hampsire
RSA Pest Management Services, Suffolk
Rural Pest Control, Derbyshire
Rural pest management Ltd, Oxfordshire
Russell’s Country Store Ltd, Stirlingshire


Safeguard Pest Control & Environmental Services LTD, Kent
SDK Environmental Ltd, Devon
SDR Conservation, East Sussex
Seahaven Limited, East Sussex
S K Pest Control, Gloucestershire
SNP Pest Control, Leicester
Safecare Pest Control, North Somerset
Safesite Environmental Limited, Cheshire
Sericata Environmental Services, Kent
Servicecare, Porth, Wales
Scotts Environmental Services Limited, Warwickshire
Shield Pest Control UK Limited, London
Shire Pest Solutions, Oxfordshire
Shropshire Pest Control, Shropshire
SMB Rural Services, Worcestershire
Soham Pest Control, CambridgeshireSouth Wales And Cardiff Pest Control, Caerphilly, Wales
Soil Fertility Solutions, Nottinghamshire
South Staffordshire Environmental
South West Pest Management Services Limited, Bristol
Spotlight Pest Control Services ltd, Kent
Step Pest Control, Suffolk
Steve Bishop Pest Control Services, Somerset
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Lancashire
Stronghold Pest Control Ltd, Berkshire
Suddenstrike Ltd, Cheshire
Sue Baker Pest Control, Worcestershire
Surekil Pest Control Ltd, Surrey
Surrey Hills Pest Control, Surrey
Surrey Wasp and Mole, Surrey
Sussex Environmental Pest Solutions, Sussex
Swift Pest Solutions, West Midlands
SX Environmental Supplies Ltd, Essex


Tamworth Pest Control, Staffordshire
Tan-Y-Lan Fach, Carmarthen
Target Pest Control and Hygiene Ltd, Leicestershire
Telford Pest Control, Shropshire
Test Valley Pest Control Ltd. Hampshire
The City of Edinburgh Council, Pest control section, Lothians
The PestAway Group, West Sussex
The Pest Doctor, Shropshire
Three Rivers District Council, Hertfordshire
Tim Parker, Derbyshire
Titan Pest Control, Cardiff
Thames Valley Pest Control, Berkshire
The Suffolk Pest Control Company, Suffolk
Town & Country Environmental Pest Solutions, Wiltshire
Trente Environmental Solutions Ltd, Halifax
Truly Nolen Pest Prevention & Control, Northern Ireland
The Pest Control Brigade, Surrey
The Rat ‘n Mole Man, Shropshire
TRG Pest Control, Lancashire
Traditional Pest Control, Hampshire
Tulip Services, Norfolk
Tynedale Traditional Animal Control, Northumberland


U C EM Pest Control, Essex
Ultimate Pest Control, Kent
University of Tehran/ and Sustainable agriculture and environment., IRAN
United Pest Control, Merseyside
Uttlesford District Council, London


Vale Pest Control, Cardiff
Valley Pest Control Ltd, Devon
Van Vynck Environmental Services Ltd, Essex
Vermaway Pest Control, Surrey
Vermatech Pest Control, Reading
Vermikil Pest Control Services Limited, Essex
Verminate Pest Control, Wareham
Vermex Limited, Yorkshire
Vermin Control Services, Lincolnshire
Vermtek Pest Control And Estate Services, Gloucestershire
Vermtek Ltd, OXON
Viper Pest Control, Nottinghamshire


Walsh Pest Control, Littlehampton
Waspkill UK, North Somerset
Wealden Bird and Pest Solutions, Kent
WestPest, Scotland
West County Environmental Services, Wiltshire
West Norfolk Pest Control Limited, Norfolk
Wildlife Control Services, Reading
Wildlife Management Association Ltd, Norfolk
Wildlife Management, Suffolk
Wildside Management, Lincolnshire
Wild at Hart, Kent
Williamson Pest Control, Sheffield
Wipeout UK Pest Management, Euxton
Wipe-Out Pest Control, Warwickshire
Wingbeat Bird Control Services, Norfolk
WTC Pest Control, Devon
Wolverley Organic Pest Control, Kidderminster


XL Pest, Yeovil


Yorkshire Wildlife Management, North Yorkshire
Young’s Pest Control, Manchester


1env Solutions Ltd, Essex
1st A Pest Control Service, Kent
24.7 Wildlife Management, Warwickshire
999 Pest Control ltd, Suffolk