• Implement the stewardship regime’s core requirement for proof of competence at the point-of-sale for rodenticide baits.
  • Work with all rodenticide distributors (including internet businesses) to ensure installation of mechanisms at point of sale to check that stewardship-approved qualifications are fulfilled by all purchasers and users of rodenticide baits.
  • Devise and oversee an independent audit procedure for compliance with point of sale requirements among all UK suppliers of ‘stewardship conditions’ rodenticide products.
  • Address with distributors the issue of centralised purchasing of rodenticide baits and their subsequent use by qualified field operatives.

Proof of Competence Documentation

For information on proof competence documentation in Q&A format click HERE

Sample Declaration Forms

Work Group Members

Point of Sale

Rupert Broome | Killgerm & Chairman – POS WG
Laurence Barnard | BASF
Steve Bailey | Barrettine
Nic Blaszkowicz | PelGar
Gareth Capel-Williams | PelGar
Louise Coldwell | Killgerm
Matthew Davies | Killgerm & T&C Workgroup Leader
Hazel Doonan | AIC
Ross Goodman | LODI UK
Jon Howells | Pelsis
Jim Kirk | Rentokil Initial
Bryan Lovegrove | AHDA
Roger Simpson | LODI UK
Liz Webb | LODI UK