Just for Farmers

Farmers and landowners are primary custodians of the UK landscape and its wildlife. This is a huge responsibility for which they receive insufficient recognition. Controlling rodents without putting wildlife at risk is part of that responsibility.

Farmers’ four options for rodent control:

  1. Membership of a stewardship-approved farm assurance scheme, listed here
  2. Do training, pass an exam, get your own proof of competence. Full list of training courses here.
  3. Employ a qualified pest control contractor…CRRU Wildlife Aware qualified list here
  4. Use products permitted for ‘amateur use’

Permanent baiting ‘just-in-case’ is NOT allowed.

Guidelines for stewardship-approved do-it-yourself rodent control here (CODE OF BEST PRACTICE) and here (CRRU CODE).

Training & Certification
Code Of Best Practice
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