• Co-ordinate among rodenticide manufacturers to simplify and harmonise product labels.
  • Co-ordinate implementation of checks for proof of competence at point-of-sale with the time-table for product authorisation.
  • Ensure, where possible, that products with similar properties and patterns of use carry similar labels wording to reduce confusion and complexity, and promote the same core set of mitigation measures.
  • Provide stewardship monitoring data to HSE as a requirement of product authorisation (such data subject to agreed confidentiality and ownership structures).

Work Group Members

Sarah Bull (Lead) – BASF
Gabrielle Cor – LiphaTech
Carine Bioland – Envu
Craig Riekena – Bell Labs
Dawn Kirby – Rentokil Initial
Angela Pereda – Syngenta
Charles Phillips – Barrettine
Paola Falessi – ZAPI
Mike Swan – GWCT
Lee Tipping – PelGar
Stefania Cserépi – Babolna Bio Ltd