Just for Farmers

Farmers and landowners are primary custodians of the UK landscape and its wildlife. This is a huge responsibility for which they receive insufficient recognition. Controlling rodents without putting wildlife at risk is part of that responsibility.

Farmers’ four options for rodent control:

  1. Membership of a stewardship-approved farm assurance scheme, listed here
  2. Do training, pass an exam, get your own proof of competence. Full list of training courses here. There is also an online course and information from AHDB here.
  3. Employ a qualified pest control contractor…CRRU Wildlife Aware qualified list here
  4. Use products permitted for ‘amateur use’

Permanent baiting ‘just-in-case’ is NOT allowed.

Guidelines for stewardship-approved do-it-yourself rodent control here (CODE OF BEST PRACTICE) and here (CRRU CODE).

Training & Certification
Code Of Best Practice
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