Just for farmers: Training & Certification

This is the CRRU UK Training & Certification that is most suitable for farmers. Certification for completing one of these courses is acceptable at the point-of-sale for purchase of professional use rodenticides under the terms of the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime.

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Farm Assurance Schemes with compliant standards beyond 31st December 2017 are:
Approved Assurance Schemes
Agricultural Industries Confederation*
British Egg Industry Council Code of Practice for Lion Eggs*
Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Beef and Lamb
Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Dairy
Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Crops
Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Fresh Produce
Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Pigs
Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Poultry
Quality Meat Scotland – Cattle & Sheep
Quality Meat Scotland – Pigs
Scottish Quality Crops
Farm Assured Welsh Livestock – Beef & Lamb
Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assurance Scheme – Beef and Lamb*
Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assurance Cereals Scheme*
Laid in Britain
Quality British Turkey
Duck Assurance Scheme
(Breeder Replacement, Breeder Layers, Hatcheries, Table Birds, Free-Range Table Birds)*
Schemes marked with an asterisk have supplied compliant draft standards. Membership will continue to provide proof of competence beyond 1st April 2018 if compliant standards are published prior to or on that date.
Point of Sale
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Code of Best Practice
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