Nigel Cheeseright

The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use UK’s new chairperson is Nigel Cheeseright. Following a two-month handover from Dr Alan Buckle, who is retiring after two decades in the role, he begins a three-year term on 1 May.

From 2010 to 2021 with Rentokil Initial as head of technical services then director of product development, Mr Cheeseright was also the company’s representative as a CRRU director. In addition to “exemplary leadership and personal qualities”, the CRRU selection panel’s decision was based on “nearly four decades of operational and general management success in technical contexts.”

Balancing the pest control imperatives of public health protection, fire prevention and building damage minimisation on the one hand, and shielding non-target wildlife from rodenticide exposure on the other, demands high priority and continuity of leadership, according to Nigel Cheeseright.

“CRRU’s successes to date, of which there have been many during Alan Buckle’s watch, are built on the combined efforts of our many and diverse stakeholders,” he says. “Foremost among these, of course, are the working members of our three industry sectors: professional pest control, gamekeeping and farming.”