Free rodenticide resistance screening service: Appeal to pest controllers, gamekeepers and farmers for rodent tail-tip samples

An arms race
Anticoagulants revolutionised rodent control in the 1950s but some rodents soon became resistant to them. The second generation anticoagulants were introduced to overcome resistant rodents. But Norway rats and house mice resistant to some of these compounds are now widespread in the UK.

Why send tail tips?
This spread of resistance can only be tackled if we know where it is. Without this information we could be using products that are ineffective in places where rodents are resistant. The results from this service will help you undertake effective rodent control.

Free resistance screening – send tail tips now
Please send 2-3cm tail tips of Norway rats or house mice, for free-of-charge (CRRU-funded) DNA resistance screening, to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

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