JUST FOR PEST Gamekeepers: Point of sale

Effective proof of competence controls at the point of sale is a central requirement from the UK Regulatory Authority, CRD/HSE, for the implementation of a Stewardship Regime for Professional Use Rodenticides. Without these controls in place, Stewardship, and hence the authorisation, sale and use of these products, could not proceed.

Document 1 : For Supply Chain Partners Supply Chain Compliance Declaration
Any company in the Supply Chain who wishes to purchase Professional Use Rodenticides which have Stewardship conditions attached to them, and which intends to sell these either to End Users of the products, or to companies who in turn will be selling the products onwards, will need to complete a Supply Chain Compliance Declaration, or equivalent, committing them to delivering Stewardship.

Document 2 : For Certificated Users CRRU Approved Certification Declaration
The “senior person in authority” at an organisation will need to complete this form on behalf of Certified Users. This is a person with management responsibility for the Certificated Users. This can be a range of people, such as the owner of a small business, or in a larger organisation it might be the Operations Manager/Director.

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