Critical update to permanent rodenticide baiting conditions

Critical update to permanent rodenticide baiting conditions

Conditions under which permanent baiting with rodenticide is allowed have been updated
by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use UK to cover a critical difference between
outdoor and indoor locations.

In both situations, CRRU chairman Dr Alan Buckle emphasises that the fundamental
requirement remains for a professional rodenticide user responsible for the site to identify
and document ‘a high potential for reinvasion where other methods have proved

The updated ruling applies to indoor locations only, where permanent baiting is usually
more likely against reinfestation by mice than rats. It specifies that the frequency of routine
inspections and re-visits when target pest presence is indicated are a matter for the pest
control technician in charge of the control programme.

Dr Buckle says this update comes about in response to feedback from professional pest
controllers at a British Pest Control Association (BPCA) forum.

Unchanged is that permanent outdoor bait points loaded with rodenticide continue to
require re-inspection at least every four weeks.

Permanent baiting in any location is permitted only using products with labels stating
specifically such use. Full details are available in ‘CRRU Guidance: Permanent Baiting, revised
July 2019′, downloadable from HERE